World Multiple Sclerosis Day

May 30th is World Multiple Sclerosis Day and we want to honor those who have been diagnosed. Chances are you may know someone with Multiple Sclerosis. This could be a family member, neighbor or colleague. Learning how to navigate life with MS can be a challenge for the individual and their families. Daily activities may look differently for each person. 

A few things to know...

No matter who it is, acknowledging this disease and its effects is the first step to understanding what it is.  Support your loved one who has MS and be understanding of what they are going through. Create a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable speaking about their difficulties. This can be a scary time for someone with MS as the disease takes on many forms. So make sure they know you will be there for them whenever they need or feel ready.

Cloth+Bristle's team member Bella's Mother lives with MS. Before finding out about her MS Diagnosis, Adriana had a health scare. 

I initially thought I was having a stroke, because I suddenly lost feeling on the right side of my body, my hand, arm and face were all numb. I just didn’t feel good overall, something felt off for me.”  

Soon after she was diagnosed in early 2014, at the age of 37. This was new for all of Bella and her family as they navigated to learn what her limitations were. Adriana found that household chores were harder for her to complete alone.

If I have to bend over to clean something lower to the ground, I sometimes get dizzy when standing back up.”

Adriana learned she had to break up her house chores between several days and not complete them all at once. Otherwise her body would start to hurt and would become extremely tired by the end of each chore. Those who do not live with MS can find it difficult to understand what one might be going through. Even completing “simple” tasks can be difficult and need more time or additional help around the home.

How To Help Someone With MS Around The Home

MS comes in many forms and affects each person differently. Learn more about the specific person and how their MS is affecting them, each day is a little different than the one before! 

  1. Open the conversation about what they would and wouldn't like to do. Let them do what feels good for them.
  2. When purchasing and handling products, opt for non-toxic options that won't affect someones health negatively. Additionally, make sure all cleaning and home accessories are accessible and light weight. 
  3. If you notice your them is becoming tired, take a break with them. Not all the tasks need to be completed all in one day. :)
  4. Invest in reachers if grabbing items from down low or up high. 


There are many great resources someone can use to learn more about MS. Here are a few foundations who have shown support to those living with MS. 

  1. National Multiple Sclerosis Society 
  2. MS. Foundation For Women

Joining Facebook groups and having a conversation with someone who has had MS for some time can be beneficial. Becoming familiar with this disease will allow you to understand more and how to best help your loved one.

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