Cloth and Bristle was founded by April Sargies in 2019. April, a wife and mother of three young children owns an award winning residential cleaning company in Maryland, The Neat Nest. Our introductory patent pending product No. 001 was born from April’s need for a cleaning product that could clean natural and delicate surfaces, such as marble, thoroughly without damaging the material but actually leaving the material enhanced. It was born from a need to solve a problem.

Her clients were also wanting green products that were safe for their families. After much testing and trial and error, she landed on what has come to be No. 001. She tried it on her toughest household jobs and to her amazement, it worked! She is passionate about the product because she’s tried so many products on the market for clients and her family and either they were toxic, harsh on surfaces or were eco friendly but not strong enough for resistant jobs. 

Our mission is to create the products that TKO yet are safe for our families and our world!