4 Simple Travel Tips To Keep You Healthy On Summer Vacay

Staying healthy during your summer vacay shouldn't be a worry. By maintaing these 5 habits, you will be a pro at keeping your environment clean while on the go.  

Wipe down the table tray

As you settle down in your seat before departure, take the time to quickly wipe down your tray table. Check out our Lil Sis Kit to have all the necessary items.

Pack Airplane Socks

Avoid the awkward encounter at TSA by not wearing socks at when you have to take off your shoes. Airports receive thousands of travelers a day, which means millions of lingering bacteria.  Always bring socks!

Disinfect High Touch Areas

At your hotel or AirBnB you're constantly in and out! For preventative and extra precaution wipe down door handles, light switches, and remotes.

Pack a Pillowcase

Our skin is very sensitive, especially our face! Take extra care to protect avoiding unknown laundry detergents and bring your own pillowcase. 



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