How To Get The Kids Involved With Spring Cleaning

If you have two plus under the roof you shouldn't be doing the spring clean alone! As the kids start getting older they can start to take on more responsibilities. Getting your kids involved with small tasks around the home can teach them responsibility and to care for their belongings. 

Starting can seem tedious and overwhelming to say the least, but you got this! Here are a few tasks you can assign to get your kids started. 


This is a great task for children or teens where they have the freedom to make the decision to decide if they should donate something they don't use. Decluttering teaches them to stay organized and to have more control of their lives. Create two piles that are “keep and donate” piles. As they go through their belongings, they can choose what they want to do with them. 

Bathroom Cleaning

If you have older kids that have their own bathroom, this is the perfect task for them! Adding this to their responsibilities can set them up for success in the future. Give them the tools they need to clean, like C+B cleaners and accessories, and let them do their thing. 

Dinner Clean Up

If you are like me, cleaning dinner up alone after you just cooked is not on my list of favorites. Assign each person, including your spouse, a task they are responsible for before and after dinner. Allow the kids to set the table with plates, napkins, silverware, and water cups. After dinner before everyone hurries off, assign who will clean up the plates and load them in the dishwasher. The next task can be to wipe off the table with All The Things cleaner and push in the chairs. 

Playroom Tidy

Anywhere your kids play or hangout is an opportunity to get their help on cleaning. Set up bins around the room where they can easily access and put away their toys. Make it a habit before they leave the room to put away their things. If you have little ones, play some fun music and make it a game to quickly put everything away before the song ends. For older kids, have them help with wipes off tables and putting anything out away. 

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