4 Recipes to Kick Start Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is the mark of the annual Spring Cleaning festivities. The time of the year when tasks get checked off! If you are someone who is just starting life as an adult or an experienced homemaker, starting spring cleaning can seem tedious to any of us. The thought of deep cleaning everything in your home can become overwhelming before you even begin. We want to take the guesswork out of planning how to start cleaning and make life easy for you.

Here are our favorite DIY C+B recipes that will set you up for success!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning toilet is never fun-it's just something we have to do.  To make your own cleaner all you'll need is baking soda and our all purpose cleaner, No.001. This recipe will be enough to keep under the sink for a few cleans to come.

In a bowl add baking soda and 2 Tbsp of No.001. Mix thoroughly and store in a glass jar. Pour a little at a time into the toilet bowl, then store the jar in a dry area. Under the sink should be fine. Let the powder sit for a couple of minutes then scrub with a brush. Once you are done, spray the brush with All The Things to disinfect.

Outdoor Window Cleaner

This time of year your windows have accumulated plenty of debris and pollen. This recipe will leave your windows crystal clear. 

In a bucket mix together 2 Tbsp natural dish soap, 1 cup vinegar, and ¼ cup No.001. Fill a bucket with warm water and mix solutions. Once you're ready to start cleaning your windows grab two microfiber cloths and a squeegee. Sock one of the clothes in solution and start cleaning your windows. Grab your squeegee and wipe the solution downwards starting from the top and working your way down. If your window seals are still wet, use a dry cloth to clean them.

Dishwasher Tablets

Ditch the store-bought dishwashing tablets and try making your own eco-friendly tablets! Include your kids and this could make for a fun project for everyone. 

All you will need is 2 cups baking soda, 1 cup kosher salt, ¼ cup All The Things, ¼ cup distilled white vinegar, and ice trays. Mix ingredients in a bowl then add to ice trays. Allow tablets to sit overnight before use.

Rug Cleaner

If own a rug where you can pop in the washer, this is the recipe for you. & by far the most satisfying!

Start off by thoroughly vacuuming your rug. In a large bowl add hot water, ½ Tbsp natural soap, and 1 Tbsp of No.001. Mix and soak a microfiber cloth in the solution. Gently ring the cloth and wrap it around a pot lid. If the water is too hot, grab a pair of cleaning gloves to protect your hands. You're going to have to get on the ground for this one and scrub the rug with a pot lid from side to side. Continue to dunk cloth in solution as you clean and watch as your rug starts to look as good as new.

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