7 Simple Ways To Make Someone's Valentines Day

Breakfast In Bed

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be complicated! Showing someone that you care can be as simple as delivering coffee and a croissant to them in bed. Plus, with a treat from the local bakery you’ll avoid the clean up of cooking yourself.

Get To Cleaning

Carve out some time to surprise them with a clean house or even their car. While you’re doing the cleaning, set them up in the bath with their favorite drink. 


Flowers make everything better. Period. They brighten up the environment and will be the perfect table setting for days to afterward. 

Gift Cards

Purchase an online gift card for a little at home retail therapy! Click here to get one from C+B.

DIY Body Scrub

Pamper your loved one with a 2 ingredient body scrub that will leave the skin glowing. Combine ¼ cup coconut oil and a ½ cup of brown sugar.

Prep their lunch and bag for work

Wake up early to prep their work bag and their favorite lunch giving them a few extra minutes in the morning to relax. A little goes a long way!

A day 'Phones Free'

Unplug for the day! Allow time to spend in nature and truly connect again. 

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