'Twas the night before Spring

Life is starting to pick back up again, and your springtime clean is arriving fast…like tomorrow! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be one deep clean in one day-it can mean a lot of things.  

Let’s break it down together, by the hour, by the room. We’ve got a few golden (or should we say pink) formulas up our sleeves for the best steps in your cleaning.


First and foremost, put your favorite tunes on

1. Tidy the quick things

-Remake the bed with fresh linen

-Pick up everything on the floor and put it back in designated spot

-Gather dirty clothes and put them in the laundry

-Take the room at a glance to notice items that don’t belong, remove them

-Collect trash


2. The actual cleaning

-Dust and vacuum everyTHING

-Mop the floors (if not carpet)

-Wipe down bedside table with your No. 001

-Use All The Things for windows, mirrors, screens


Your kitchen deserves it, and so do you!

  1. Clear your counters 
  2. Empty and reload dishwasher
  3. Dust cabinets, top of fridge, other surfaces
  4. Vacuum and sweep floors
  5. Wipe down countertops and appliances with your All The Things
  6. Empty and wipe interior and exterior of garbage bin
  7. Mop floors
  8. Add fresh towels for a finishing touch!


Don’t think just DO!

  1. Remove sink, shower and other bathroom items from their normal spots, wipe them down and place them out of the way.
  2. Dust entire room
  3. Use your No. 001 to scrub down your shower and bathtub, and the C+B detail brush for any grout lines. Let product sit on particularly resistant areas while you clean the remainder of the bathroom, then return to those areas when you are done.
  4. Spray mirrors and glass shower door with All The Things to rid of hard water stains and other smudges
  5. Wipe down countertops and vanity area with No. 001
  6. Clean the toilet! If you clean regularly, your All The Things will do great for the remaining excess buildup
  7. Sweep and mop floors


  1. Tidy! Grab a bin and start filling it with all the discarded items in your family room
  2. You’ve guessed it…DUST! Top to bottom is the best way to go about it
  3. Wipe down surfaces/places you’ve dusted with a microfiber cloth and one of our all natural cleaners
  4. Take your All The Things and microfiber cloth for your glass surfaces, windows (to eye level if you’re short on time), mirrors, framed photos/artwork
  5. Use a lint roller or even certain vacuums to clean your upholstery
  6. Vacuum

If you’ve read this through, you’re probably thinking ‘but what about the rest of the home? Tomorrow C+B will be launching items (yes more than one!) of something very requested AND your solution to many spring cleaning tasks. Not to mention while supplies last all orders will receive a FREE gift…we don’t want to share too much, but this free gift is GOOD; designer good.  That’s all we can say for now! Pop onto our socials tomorrow for all the exciting details. Happy almost spring!

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