How To Simplify Home Cleaning

Are you someone who feels they’re always cleaning, and you never get a break from it? Believe it or not, there are ways to help yourself feel differently. With the mindset of simplicity here's our advice:

1. Stick to a schedule

The first step to simplifying your cleaning is creating a schedule you can stick to–a realistic schedule. For example you could assign your vacuuming for a certain day of the week, that way you do not get overwhelmed wondering when you are going to get to it because you know that it is being taken care of soon.

If you are a master procrastinator like me, I’ve found that writing down specific times for cleaning helps me to complete the task rather than wasting time doing something else. Just remember to keep a flexible and open mind, because schedules do change. 

2. Weekly Deep Cleans

Work into your schedule a deep cleaning session 1-2 times a week for a couple hours where you can get all of the big tasks done. I’ve found that by trying to always do a little bit each day, I just end up cleaning ALL the time. I’m also less efficient with my time because I’m drained from always doing it and consequently have no motivation to work quickly. Setting my timer with the intention to clean as much as possible, I feel much more of a drive to get it all done.

3. Listen To A Timer

It’s easy to want to keep going when you get in the zone, but you WILL get burnt out. When that timer that you’ve set for  yourself rings, stop what you’re doing and relax. In order to preserve your energy and get back the time you are seeking, you need to give yourself breaks. Remember, you’ve made time on your schedule to clean the rest!

4. Subscription Plan

Getting a cleaning subscription is one way to make your life a bit easier and take out some of the stress. Whether your needs are monthly or daily, Cloth + Bristle has got you covered. Our non-toxic cleaning products arrive straight to your front door, saving you the extra steps of planning and shopping.

A bit about our new plans...

The Rule of Two

Perfect if you’re looking for some versatility with your cleaning. With both All the Things daily household cleaner spray and the award winning No. 001 household cleaner you've got it all. 

Available monthly, every other month, and quarterly depending on your needs. For more information click here.

All The Things Subscription

Looking for a product that just does it all? All The Things lives up to its name and really does clean all the things in your home. 

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