Earth Day, Everyday

With Earth Day upon us, I’m sure you’ve read and seen various blogs and posts sharing eco-friendly swaps. While we know these changes are for the best; to actually make the swap from your traditional ways vs. just seeing it online may seem like a lot of work.  In a world so heavily reliant on wasteful materials, it is difficult to avoid! You may even think how likely are we to keep them up? The answer can be easy, incorporating small changes into your everyday life in an effort to guide your natural and sustainable journey.

We’ve come up with 5 changes  that you can add into your life that are easy, efficient and not time consuming.

1. Recycle & Reuse

The best way to be sustainable and avoid waste is to use what you already have in your home. Find use for finished items like containers, boxes, and papers before tossing. As for recycling, it has various benefits for our world: less waste sent to landfills, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, saves energy. However be thoughtful on what you’re actually throwing in the recyclable bin. Spend a few minutes to educate yourself on the right way to recycle and what is recyclable! Our easiest hack is to check the number inside the triangle on your products. 1 and 2 are items you can recycle!

2. Multi-Use Products

Single use products are something we need to say goodbye to for several reasons. Why use something one time, toss it and have to buy it all over again? Save time, money and the earth with the purchase of multi-use options. Here's a few for you: reusable bags, cotton rounds that can be washed, microfiber cloths, beeswax wrap, silicone straws, cloth bags.

3.Buy from U.S. sourced companies

Did you know that  US manufacturers are held to higher environmental regulations than most foreign manufacturers?  Frequently, large corporations and companies source their product materials or ingredients from outside the US to save costs. However, it is not always ethical or transparent. US manufacturers have regulations and restrictions on carbon emissions, control and require proper waste disposal and ensure appropriate chemical management. Whereas foreign manufacturers aren’t as highly regulated or have no regulations at all.


4. Composting

An amazing way to eliminate food waste is through composting. Composting doesn’t have to be done through some big fancy venture either!  Simply bury your compostable food scraps in dirt or using a  3 stage composting bin. The end results are nutrient rich soil! Additionally, if you’d rather not have your own and as composting becomes more and more popular-your neighborhood may potentially have a company nearby that will gladly take your scraps!

5. Eliminating Toxic Household Cleaners

The average traditional household cleaner contains more than 52 harmful chemicals. The lack of federal regulation  has allowed the continuance of harmful chemicals to be added into our cleaning products. This is not only harmful to us and our homes, but our environment as well. Found to pollute the air and water stream. 

The best way to combat this is to use natural cleaning products. We at C+B are 100% transparent about the ingredients and their uses. With no chemicals or harsh toxins our products provide the safest and effective clean.

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