Mess Prevention Hacks For Busy Mom's

So how would you feel if you could not only shorten your time cleaning up after your family,  but avoid it all together? Yes it is possible! Here are our parent friendly mess prevention tips...bonus many are sustainable!


It’s taco Tuesday but your little one still hasn’t mastered how to properly hold the burrito or taco without the contents spilling out. Seal the end of the tortilla with a chip clip and you’ll avoid the mess and also actually get to eat while they are! Want a little extra? Check out this burrito holder from uncommon goods: “twist and eat”.


The kids love it, but as a parent painting means trouble and lots of mess. An empty egg carton can be used for paint colors and to place brushes. A great way to have a quicker clean up and to find use for discarded items.



For baking crumbs, place an oven sheet underneath the racks. Saves you from the daily clean! 


Store your lego pieces in a shoe wall holder-it will be your new best friend. Trust us. Very affordable finds on amazon! This one is under 10 dollars!



Tie a hair band around the soap dispenser pump to limit the amount used for little hand washers. 



Have your kids help with the cleaning! C+B products are safe to use around your families, containing zero harsh chemicals and toxins. You can rest assured your little ones will be safe using them. Plus they may like that it is pink! ;) 


No shoes in the house and only food in the kitchen! Maintain these household rules and your cleaning just got a whole lot simpler. 


Take advantage of your dishwasher. Beach and bath toys, certain light fixtures, appliance knobs, reusable bags and paper towels, reusable loofahs and sponges can all be washed in a dishwasher!  The list goes on and you’re saving not only time but water by not having to individually wash each item. 

Try these hacks now and you’ll have them mastered just in time for summer break!

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