C+B Turns 2: Our Ultimate Birthday Guide

Cloth+Bristle is 2! To celebrate our team has put together the ultimate Birthday Party cleaning guide. From stain removal to best disinfectant practices here's what to follow and why.

How to Remove Frosting and Its Stains:

Now you know you’ve had fun if you’re finding cake pieces around the home!

When noticing a stain remember that frosting is made with butter, which makes it a grease stain. Tinted frosting also includes dye which can cause colored stains. Take care of the problem as soon as possible!

Gently scrape away as much of the stain as you can (wooden knives work well for this) to minimizing what you actually need to treat. Next, pretreat the area with No. 001 or ATT to solubilize (break down) the concentrated butter/oil. Wait 5-10 minutes before gently wiping the product and stain away with a damp microfiber cloth. 

Sanitize The High Touch Areas:

Always pay extra care in cleaning the areas where guests will spend the most time. Such as dining rooms and where the activities take place. Take caution in using safe cleaning products in areas of the home where food is consumed.  As most traditional cleaners contain toxins it is best practice to use natural cleaners on kitchen counters and tables where food is often prepared. 

Organize a Necessary Station:

Create a space in the home to place miscellaneous items that could be necessary during a party! Examples are cleaning wipes, towels, hand sanitizer, tape, drink openers, scissors and of course your new birthday No. 001. Be sure to store this all properly if you have little ones around! This will save you time and be very convenient for you. 

How to remove glitter and confetti:

Start with a broom, dry mop or microfiber cloth to sweep all of the glitter and confetti into a pile. Then vacuum. 

For resistant glitter, our hack is to use static to electrify an old party balloon to pick up the resistant stuck on glitter off of your fabric upholstery and carpet. To maximize the static rub the balloon on your hair (sounds funny but it works! Plus you’ll have a giggle). After rolling the charged balloon on the carpet or fabric it should be covered with glitter! 

If you notice remaining confetti or glitter throughout the days a lint roller will normally do the trick! 

Eco-Friendly Options:

Always go for the eco-friendly option when possible! Think reusable and recyclable. Additionally, many eco-friendly decor options are multi-use and already in your home! Fabric for banners, items from nature, make your own piñata, instead of gift bags do an activity like tie dying or sheet tattoos. Using sustainable materials also saves you a bit of cleaning time with less trash!

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