How To: Care for your Self Care Items

Engaging in a self-care routine means being mindful of your own needs-and of course a little pampering. The items you use for your self care are most likely very valued and probably very needed in your life. Be sure to give them a little love. We’ve gathered a few self care favorites below and the best way to take care of them!

Beauty Tools

Many can agree that a beauty and/or skin care routine is a looked forward to time of your day. It provides stability and a few minutes of self attention definitely boosts your mood. If you’ve invested in your beauty routine and the tools that come with it; routinely cleaning your accessories can help prolong their lifespan and prevent growth of harmful bacteria. We use All The Things for its safe ingredients and ease of use (simply spray onto the tools). Rose and rosemary essential oils-2 key ingredients of ATT,  are known to moisturize, hydrate and replenish the skin! Check out below a few beauty items we’ve cleaned with All The Things:

  • Beauty blenders
  • Spooleys
  • Makeup brushes
  • Face rollers/stones
  • Tweezers
  • Eyelash curler
  • Manicure items

Spray with All The Things and let soak in a bowl of hot water. Rinse and let air dry. Do this once a week! Check out this inspo!


If you have one, you love it! Your oil diffuser is something that may be forgotten on the list of ‘what to clean’. Depending on how often you use your diffuser, water can be left in the reservoir and dispersal mechanisms. One of the most important reasons to clean it is to avoid mold and mildew build up. If you’ve noticed your diffuser has suddenly gotten loud-this could be why! 

To clean, unplug it from the wall. Unscrew the top and spray All The Things on the lid and the interior, take a damp microfiber cloth and lightly wipe. Use a detail brush or a straw cleaner for the hard to reach places. Let air dry completely before use! We suggest doing a quick wipe down after every use with a more thorough clean once a month. 

Yoga Mat & Workout Equipment

Exercise is great for physical and mental health! Due to the pandemic, working out at home has become a lot more common and many have purchased our own workout equipment. Cleaning and sanitizing it after each use will not only rid it of bacteria but keep it in good shape for longer use. Using C+B on your workout equipment will disinfect but will also leave it smelling fresh! You can use our products on the following and more:

  • Yoga mat
  • Dumbell
  • Treadmill
  • Stationary bike
  • Benches

C+B products are safe on rubber, vinyl,  steel, aluminum and most metallic materials.


We start and end our day in bed! Some would even go so far as to say it’s their favorite place. Cleaning your mattress does more than just extend its lifespan. It also improves the room’s air quality! A filthy mattress could mean bad odors and bad air quality which can lead to poor sleep. It is recommended to thoroughly clean your mattress twice a year or even every 3 months-you never know what could be living in them! 

To remove and disinfect it from dust, sweat, skin shed and more:

  1. Start by removing everything from the bed so it’s just the mattress. Use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the surface.
  2. Mix together baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and No. 001 (transfer to spray bottle if you have it)
  3. Apply this to any stains and scrub!
  4. Next, combine a mixture of baking soda and essential oils of your choice
  5. Sprinkle over mattress and let sit for 30 minutes
  6. Vacuum up the mixture to finish!

*For an extra step-after remaking the bed spray your sheets with this DIY natural linen spray!


Because we use it so often it can be skipped in the cleans! However your water bottle should in fact be cleaned the MOST. If you’re like us, your water bottle travels everywhere with you! For a deep clean, fill your bottle with diluted vinegar and a drop of No. 001 household cleaner. Lightly shake and leave to sit overnight. The following day discard the contents and rinse. Wash your bottle daily and do a deep clean like this every few days. 


Wouldn’t it be a dream if you could maintain the fluffy feel of your favorite bathrobe forever? Well we may not be able to keep it forever, but we can try.

The best practices to maintain your beloved robe:

  • Use a natural detergent. Traditional detergents contain many harmful chemicals which can be harsh on the fabric of your robe-and your skin!
  • Wash in cold water on a normal cycle
  •  Avoid using bleach and fabric softener
  • Don’t overwash-we suggest 2-3 times a month! 
  • Put on your robe after you towel dry
  • No heat tumble dry
  • Don’t expose robe to direct sunlight

To remove stains, soak the area of the robe in lukewarm water diluted with No. 001 or vinegar. Then perform your normal wash routine

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