Back To School Healthy Habits To Keep In The Home

Summer is coming to an end, leaving us all a bit bittersweet. There may not be as many pool days, however a much cleaner home with the kids out of the house is on the horizon. ;) Whether it’s back to school socializing or the cooler months approaching cold and flu season is a real thing! As a parent you can never be too prepared! Having a small section at home where you store precautionary items could end up making all the difference. Here’s what we have in ours: 


In case school protocols change it is always good to have a few handy. 


You may have heard that probiotics are good for gut health but they also stimulate the immune system! Here are a few that have been proven beneficial and that you can buy at your local pharmacy/Walgreens:

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG
  • Bifidobacterium animalis Bb-12
  • Bifidobacterium lactis DR10

Home Covid Tests

If your child isn’t feeling well it is important to find out if it’s a normal seasonal cold, stomach flu or possibly covid. They can be purchased at most pharmacies or get your free tests HERE

Hand Sanitizer

With the excitement of a classroom, hand washing can often be put at the bottom of the list with our kids. An extra reminder is all we can give, but also creating a system and routine of immediate hand washing upon arriving back at home is a good idea. Packing a hand sanitizer in their backpack will be a great and healthy addition also. Here’s a natural recipe that you can put together that is tough on the germs but gentle on the skin.

  1. Pour ⅓ aloe vera into a bowl 
  2. Next, add ⅔ cups of 99% alcohol
  3. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil (optional)
  4. Use a funnel to pour ingredients into container
  5. Shake well!

Cloth+Bristle's Cleaning Products

To avoid sickness, sanitizing high touch areas is crucial. Vice versa, if there is a sickness in the home, disinfecting common areas and the areas where the sick individual had been, are best practices in avoiding others getting sick as well. You can also rest easy knowing that the C+B cleaning products you are using are safe around children.


Having a few extra boxes of tissues for when your family comes down with the seasonal colds is always a good idea. We want all of that bad stuff out of you! To be more eco-conscious purchase recycled tissues, make your own out of old cotton, or use a handkerchief-but don’t forget to wash/sanitize them often.


In addition to having our cabinets stocked we also have a few hacks up our sleeves for reminding kiddos on best practices to stay healthy:

Happy Birthday Song

Having  your little one sing happy birthday while hand washing will ensure that they get the full 20 seconds in! 

Bathroom Reminder Cards

Put a sticky note on the mirror for an extra reminder to wash hands after each use in the restroom. Or you could make it a fun activity and design notecards with your child that make them excited to follow this best practice. There are also plenty of adorable options online. Check out the ones that we found!

Fill Their Tummy With Nutrients

Eating fruits, veggies and drinking lots of water will keep their immune systems strong and their body feeling great. Sometimes for us it’s hard to get all the green veggies in, so we can understand the difficulty of asking your little one to! Check out the Kids Club by Whole Foods for ways to make eating healthy FUN!

Practice Cold Hygeine

Things like covering a cough with your elbow, practicing the fist bump and keeping hands away from your face can totally make a difference in whether you catch a cold. Teaching your kids these simple habits will protect them and others!

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