How To Keep Your Home Clean During Quarantine

As we’re all staying home more than ever, our “new normal” requires us to be flexible in so many ways.

One of those ways is the challenge of keeping the home clean and clutter free, especially if you have children at home as well.

We all seem to have a little more clutter and more time to look at it than ever. Take heart though, there are some simple practices that can easily be added to your routine to help in the home care department.

Tip #1

The first thing I’d suggest is having a basket in every room. As you’re in the home throughout the day, don’t worry about tidying every little mess. Just toss obvious culprits into the basket as you go through your day. It’s easy to become obsessive which can keep us away from our families and enjoying life. Rather, at the end of the night go through each room and add items to a basket and then drop items off to their homes. I’d suggest doing this after the kids are down.

Tip #2

Keep a separate bag or bin for items that are to be donated. Walk your home and toss things in daily. Make a fun challenge of filling the container.

Tip #3

The next easy step in keeping your home tidy in this time would be to establish a cleaning routine or schedule. There are a number of resources online, should you need guidance. Make a chart to display for everyone to reference. Get the whole family involved, now is a great time to teach your kids some life skills.

Tip #4

Next, do one small load of laundry per day, make this a habit. Wash, fold and put away. Your laundry will become a much less of a bear- goodbye piles of unfolded laundry!

Tip #5

Lastly, keep cleaning supplies readily available. If you have multiple floors, consider floor equipment on each floor.

I hope there’s tips help you  navigate a clean and less cluttered home. Happy cleaning!

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