All About April-Founder of Cloth and Bristle

    April Sargies, founder of Cloth and Bristle and owner of The Neat Nest cleaning company, has brought her vision to life by bringing premium all natural cleaning products into our homes. With over 25 years of experience in the professional cleaning industry she identified that there were limited options within the market of products that were free of the toxins/chemicals that worked effectively on delicate and fine surfaces. This problem inspired Cloth and Bristle, and the renowned No. 001 all-purpose cleaning product. 

    April’s knowledge in the cleaning industry started with her parents' company; where she worked from high school and while attending college at the University of Delaware studying apparel fashion design. When her parents took on other careers, her mom as a full time teacher and father in full time ministry, April eventually took over the company while also interning at some of the largest fashion corporations such as Nordstrom and Donna Karan in New York City. Through her education, she extensively studied product sustainability which in turn truly resonated with her. “In the cleaning product industry ingredients aren’t regulated, meaning many of these ingredients are harmful to us and our environment. Making it difficult for people to notice why they should make the non toxic swap,” April voiced. As a promise to herself and our world, she continues to educate and align herself with other like minded people and groups that work towards sustainable life practices. 

    In 2008 April and her husband Tony received exciting news they would be expecting their first child, she decided to put her fashion career on hold for the time being. However, her entrepreneurial spirit saw opportunity in the cleaning industry and she founded The Neat Nest with her husband. “I knew I could grow my own business and was excited for the opportunity to do so with and near my family. I am extremely blessed to run this company with my husband and the team we have”. April reminisced. The concept of home is very valued by April, and knowing she can make a difference in someone else’s life drives her.                                

       A creative soul, April is constantly curating new ideas. Combining her education in the cleaning industry and with the realization there was a lack of organic cleaning products, she started Cloth and Bristle. A company with the mission to create simple green products that are safe for our families and our home. “I spent many hours researching and consulting with scientists about ingredients to ensure a non-toxic and effective product”, April shares. The legendary patent pending all natural homemade household cleaner No. 001 is reforming the cleaning market. With only four ingredients it is first of its kind, and works effectively in every home, on every surface such as stainless steel, granite, marble quartz and hardwoods. “I see this brand in the homes of moms and families all over the world,” April envisions. Only a few months since launching, Cloth and Bristle have already begun brainstorming ideas for their next step in product inventory-with hopes of an end goal in selling relatable products to ‘home’. 

    April credits her grit and hard work ethic from the opportunities and the examples set by her parents and grandparents. “I am inspired by those who came before me and who sacrificed for this country so that I can be the person I am today, and in turn I strive to share what I’ve learned with my children, to set them up for success”, April has established a storefront (The Neat Nest), in Clarksville, Maryland, a sought after suburb of Washington D.C..The Neat Nest’s projected sales continue to grow yearly! Not only that, The Neat Nest was voted Best of Howard County in house cleaners, which also features the all natural household cleaner,  No. 001, from Cloth and Bristle! “I want to use our Cloth and Bristle products in our clients homes, and hope to share them commercially with other cleaning services!” April shares.                                                                                           

    As a full time mom to three children, and a multi business owner April truly does it all. “One of my greatest challenges has been to wear one hat at a time, so for me that means setting boundaries. Fully devoting myself to only a few projects at a time.” April voiced. Today, April focuses on being the best mom she can be, while simultaneously being the best business owner. In April’s future she promises many memories with her family, and committing to her passions through charitable efforts as well as her faith. Her ever growing curiosity and drive to give back to our world are still very present as she continues to push her ideas into reality. April trusts her intuition and continues to stay positive as she moves forward in her goals. “Believe in yourself, and trust your vision. Stay the course and persevere, never give up”. Thank you April! 

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