Navigating Fall In Your Home

    Autumn can be one of the most exciting times of year, and leads us into the holiday season. In today’s world your normal routines for sending your children back to school, trick or treating, Thanksgiving dinner and even your Christmas shopping are being altered. As a parent, you may now find yourself wearing one too many hats. We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone in this feeling, we are all learning together how to navigate our new world safely. The C+B team reached out to mothers who have been keeping their home and families in good spirits and asked how they were maneuvering for fall and the upcoming holidays.

    Mothers and doctors, Carly and Rachel are firm believers in any form of connection to keep a healthy state of mind. A quick text message, zoom call, facetime or even a letter are all ways they alternatively socialize with their loved ones. Additionally, self care and allowing themselves time to recharge are habits they prioritize. “Self-care really is about meeting our needs, looking inside of ourselves - identifying that thing, that void, that idea that needs fulfillment,” they shared.  They continually strive to better themselves, and in turn share what they’ve learned with their children. As the holidays sneak up Carly and Rachel take one day at a time cherishing the insignificant moments of life, “if there’s anything 2020 has taught us it is to surrender to the organic unfolding of life, one day at a time, one moment at a time”. 

    Katie, a new mom, is appreciating what life has to offer-choosing to keep a positive attitude despite the negatives. As a mom we want to set examples for our children, but also as a human being it’s understandable to struggle in changing times such as these. “There are many challenges you face as a new mom, and with friends that are also new moms it is something we are excited to go through together. However, not being able to see each other can make us feel isolated,” Katie voices. Fortunately Katie’s parents live nearby, with social distancing and the right protocol they will be able to spend the holidays with them and her baby boy! “As parents we can set examples to the younger generation to respect their elders by wearing a mask and by following the rules that are set within your city/state” Katie comments responsibly. 

    Cloth and Bristle’s founder, April Sargies, a mother of three has added homeschooling to her list of responsibilities. Many schools are not physically in session and e-learning has become the source of education for our children. We understand how difficult it can be to keep your little ones focused on a computer screen all day, however, April and many other families have found a system that works for them while keeping it fun! Along similar lines April is very close with her extended family, and has used virtual calling as a tactic to continue with family get togethers. “We find joy in every day and make the most out of everything we have. We are making a lot of lemonade around our house,” April shares.

    Lindsey, a mother who is expecting another child is easing herself into a normal fall routine while staying cautious and following healthy practices in order to stay safe and healthy. She keeps her positive mindset by taking care of her body, keeping her home clean, and taking the suggested precautions,to keep her family and others around her healthy! “Our baby girl is due right around Christmas, so I envision this upcoming holiday season cooking together, watching movies and staying cozy in our own home with our little family,” Lindsey shared. Keeping a productive outlook on life, Lindsey follows a routine every morning preaching out loud all she has to be grateful for in life. This guides her to not only be the best version of herself but also a positive influence to her family. 

    As parents, we all share the same vision of doing the best you can for your children. We empathize with your stress, we are proud of your ability to adapt, and grateful for your attentiveness. Motherhood and parenting has its own community, lean on one another and persevere. You’ve got this!

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