Home Swaps to Make in 2021

2020 was a challenging year for everyone; filled with many new changes and the C+B team is adding some more to your list for the new year. We received some help from mothers, homeowners and people who want to live a more natural, non-toxic lifestyle to see what changes they’ve made that have benefited their home. 

“Changes can be small and still have a big effect. I hope that teaching my kids fun ways to be conscientious will help them understand the way they can have an impact to help  influence change for the better of the world around them” Jaimie, a mother who raises her children using non toxic ways as often as she can, shared with us.

Are you making any changes to a more natural non-toxic lifestyle?  Here are some fun ways to do your part and make a change!

Try these 5 swaps in your home for 2021

1. All Natural Cleaners

Many household cleaners are filled with harsh toxins and chemicals that can not only damage your surfaces, but also may be unsafe for your family and pets. Cloth and Bristle’s mission is to bring all natural products into your home for everyday use that are safe for your loved ones and our world.  Our #001 household cleaner has only 4 pure ingredients that are proven to disinfect your surfaces the way you want, but done safely. As someone who lives their life using chemical free products, Suzette was thrilled to find our #001. “I love that I can use it with a non-toxic sponge or cloth and it won’t irritate my hands. I actually used the leftovers from cleaning to exfoliate my hands-it’s luxurious! It leaves my bathroom fixtures sparkling, with no residue and no headache. Past cleaners have often made me and my son so sick with migraines! I made this swap and I will never use another cleaning product again” Suzette remarked. 

2. Washable Towels

While paper towels may seem convenient there are many unseen factors that go into the production. The factories creating paper towels not only release pollution into our air, but can also harbor bacteria from the products used to manufacture them that we don’t want in our homes! 

Mother and homeowner, Shari, is making the transition into using only washable towels. We understand that you still have to use energy to clean your towels frequently, but it is still significantly less than the production of paper towels. Baby steps are important too!

3. Natural Laundry Detergents

Traditional laundry detergents are packed with toxins that can be harmful to our bodies. Switching to a natural detergent is not only safer, but actually cleans your clothes better and increases the longevity of the material itself. Did I mention that some of these natural laundry detergents simultaneously disinfect/clean your washer? There is no con with this swap!

4. Homemade Hand Soap

Store bought soaps often have the cleaning aspect down but can be harsh on skin and don’t always nourish and replenish the skin. 

With this easy recipe, Elizabeth, a mother and someone who is passionate about DIY recipes, has given us the perfect step by step in creating a soap that does it all. The recipe is listed as follows and also doubles as a fun activity to do with your family:

1. Melt 1lb of goats milk soap base cubed in a bowl

2. Stir in 1 TBSP olive oil, 1 TBSP raw honey, ½ cup oats ground to a fine powder and 30 drops of lavender oil

3. Pour mixture into soap molds and top if off with rolled oats

4. Let harden for a couple of hours and pop out of the mold.

5. Reusable Sandwich Snack Bags

Okay so you have the cute lunch box, but now it’s time to get rid of the plastic bags you store your food in. There are many new, exciting and innovative options to use that are convenient and better for our world! Plastic food storage bags overflow our landfills and pollute our air. Some of the alternative options include silicone bags and reusable cloth produce bags. Different sizes and shapes are offered of both to keep fresh and store whatever you need!

Nicolle, a mother and interior designer, said something that truly resonated with the C+B team: “When you know better, you have to do better”. That is a great force behind the reason for Cloth and Bristle, our founder, April, saw the need to make a change and did it. It’s your turn now!

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