A Mom's Guide to Cleaning with Kids

Sometimes the holiday season can leave you feeling exhausted, and your home may also feel like it needs a little love, but the cleanup after the celebrations doesn’t always have to be boring. As a parent there are many fun ways to get your children involved in cleaning and yes..we did say fun! The C+B team is here to help give you chore ideas done right, to help facilitate getting your children involved in cleaning. We even have expert advice from other Moms just like you! It’s time to share some of things you have to do while teaching your kids how to properly clean in these current times. 

Jennifer, an interior designer with 3 little ones, has set reasonable expectations for each of her children, based on their ages. Her 11 year old is given daily chores such as emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, helping with outdoor work and setting the table for dinner. In return for his hard work he is allowed to play video games once they are completed. Her 8 year old makes his bed everyday, continues to keep his room tidy and helps his younger sister put away her toys. “Sometimes, he even makes my bed just because he wants to”, Jennifer shared sweetly, “he simply enjoys cleaning and prefers things tidy and organized. Some people are wired this way and some people have to learn to clean”. Their youngest, who is 5 still learns responsibility through cleaning by picking up all her toys and putting them where they belong. 

Often as parents we have to remind ourselves that not everything our little ones clean will be perfect, it’s the effort we congratulate. Aislynn, a mother of 3 boys,  finds this to be her biggest challenge and reminds herself that her children are learning and that if she doesn’t let them try they will never learn. “I get my children involved in cleaning by finding ways to make it fun, having three boys they thrive on competition; so i’ll say ‘who can pick up the trash in their room the fastest’ or have them play rock paper scissors for who sweeps the floor”. Games bring excitement and less fussing! Cleaning can also bring a sense of teamwork, for example Aislynn’s oldest son will fold the clothes from the dryer and the youngest will clean the filter. Working as a team can make the process much more efficient. 

Setting the example that cleaning is fun to our little ones, Ceaira dances and shares silly rituals with her 22 month old daughter as they pick up her toys to make cleaning an enjoyable activity.  “At this point it's obvious she knows exactly what she's doing. She does the uh-oh, stands still, and asks us for a towel or paper. Making it fun for her so she associates accidents with positive behaviors, this will lead to quicker learning” Ceaira shared. Her daughter being as young as she is doesn’t have chores, but for that age what Ceaira feels works best for her daughter is repetition. “Realizing that the first time she might not show interest but once she sees it a couple of times she begins to do what we do. Almost like not wanting to miss out”. Truth be told, as cute as they are it’s easy to get away with any mess! 

Cloth & Bristle’s founder, April uses cleaning charts as reminders to help her 3 children stay on task. On completion of their chores they earn an allowance and other various rewards. “To make it fun I like to play music, especially 80s music. It gets everyone pumped”. As April is very passionate about cleaning, her advice on getting little ones involved is to lead by example and include games to keep them engaged and excited. “I realize that I’m teaching my kids life skills that are valuable and it also helps them to fill a part of the daily dynamic as they contribute to the household” April stated. 

Many mothers will say they clean all day and they’re probably right! A mother of two, Katie agrees that her daughters will follow right in her footsteps. “I feel keeping a home tidy allows for young minds to really flurrish”, she remarked. Her oldest daughter, who is now five has already created her own staple ‘chores’ which consist of picking up her toys and putting away her clothes with the whole time Disney songs playing in the background! Nothing is better than a good music playlist to help get your cleaning checklist done. 

As Katie said it best, “when it comes to cleaning with our young ones it’s important to use non toxic and chemical free products. We strive to create a safe and clean environment while embracing all the chaos and fun that will go into it”. Cloth & Bristle prides itself on being able to offer cleaning products that are safe for your family and children to use. With #001 it’s safe and fun, we’ve got your back!

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