5 new year resolutions your home will thank you for

As January comes to an end hold strong to those New Year’s resolutions! 2021 is the year to prioritize maintaining your goals. You’ve got this!

Check out 5 more resolutions below that your home will thank you for!  


1. Declutter, don't wait any longer!

Everyone has their own home styles and preferences, however nobody likes a cluttered, unorganized home. Kristen, a home enthusiast, made it a must to minimize her house decor  and get rid of unnecessary items, creating more free space in her home. “I created a garage sale corner in the basement and whenever I redecorate, I go through that decor to see what I can get rid of”, she advised as a helpful solution. Kristen donates some, but often she will use resale sites as an option.  If you’re back and forth on deciding if you should get rid of something, Kristen’s rule of thumb is: If you  haven’t used it in 1-2 years, get rid of it.  Remember, if you really want to save something you can always store for a bit because decor/decorating ideas sometimes will come back into style.  It’s okay to buy new decor, however, as Emily, a mother and home designer says, it’s best to be intentional with your purchases. 


2. Cleaning Checklists-yes yes yes!

A checklist can be as extensive as a to do list, or just little reminders to help maintain good habits. “I even write things I have accomplished so I can feel motivated crossing them off”, Emily shared. Reward yourself, creating and maintaining habits is hard!  Taylor, a new mother, finds a schedule helps her stay on track and not get overwhelmed. “I keep a cleaning checklist on my fridge so I can see what needs to get done. I have my tasks broken down into each day of the week, so it never feels like a lot”.


3. Enjoy your home, you deserve it

Does anyone else struggle with being a perfectionist when it comes to your home? Tasks and chores can often keep you tossing and turning into the night. Have yourself take a moment each day to reflect on the progress you’ve made and what you have completed. As a parent your days can easily fill up.  This has taught Taylor that it’s okay to slow down, because not everything has to get done right away. Many parents and homeowners feel the pressure to have their home ‘perfect’ all the time. Taylor's motto to allow herself to relax in her home is: “it will be there tomorrow”.  She takes it day by day to focus on her goals and herself. Ignore the outside pressure, “it doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what you are doing”. 

4. Complete an unfinished project-it's time to get it done!

As much as we hate to admit it we’ve all made promises or goals in the past to fix, change or complete something in our home that we haven’t gotten to. Life gets hectic, we get it, but 2021 is the year to make the ambitious goals. Jamie and her husband have finally reached the time where they can finish their laundry room as they’ve been busy completing other projects in their new home. With two little ones and a full time job Jamie understands it won’t get completed overnight but she knows that it’s a project that she will complete.  “We will take it little by little. I want it to be both beautiful and functional for our family! Breaking household projects into small areas and tasks makes it much more doable” Jamie said. 


5.Cleaning Subscription Plan, let's make cleaning easy

Perhaps you’ve got it down and love to clean; keeping your home sparkling, but it can be even easier. Maybe a subscription plan for your cleaning tools and supplies that comes right to your door?  Luckily, the C+B team is working on just that for all of you! Imagine an option to have your favorite #001 household cleaner, accessories and other exciting additions at your disposal at a discounted rate, and delivered right to your home! A dream come true, so please stay tuned! 


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