Cleaning for your Love Language

This Valentine’s Day let’s celebrate with not only a home filled with love, but a clean one as well. Check out these ways you can show you care about someone based on their love language and have a clean environment at the same time! 


Does your loved one enjoy being showered with gifts? Right now Cloth & Bristle has a Valentine’s Day  special where you can gift someone a mini #001, a personalized card and a C&B Detail Brush. There’s still time to get one!  We also have bundles available that have everything you need for a spotless home! 

Additionally, you could add fresh flowers to your valentine, nothing brightens up a home and gives someone a smile more than flowers!

2. Acts of Service

An act of service that allows your special someone to feel appreciated and to make life a little easier. Ideas for this can be as big as a deep clean, or a small act such as a wipe down, finishing laundry, or emptying the dishwasher. Little acts can go a long way to show someone you appreciate them! Get out your handy household cleaner #001 and give your home the shine it deserves plus a happy loved one at the same time. 

3. Words of Affirmation

It’s time to start noticing the little things! Whether it’s complimenting them on their freshly cleaned bedroom or giving words of encouragement to get the job done. Physically voicing these thoughts can mean a lot and allow them to appreciate their hard work. 

4. Quality Time

What better way to achieve quality time than tackling a home project together? Turn something that could be a drag into a fun, productive activity. Go big for Valentine’s and recreate a room for a romantic date, or even help your partner complete their cleaning checklist. The opportunities are endless!

5. Physical Touch

After a long day of work and feeling exhausted from completing your chores a simple hug can always make one feel better. Also if you need something a little extra, everyone knows a freshly made bed with clean sheets is the best way to get that deep sleep we need!

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