Post Winter Clean With #001

Is anyone else wishing that Spring would come sooner? The winter season can leave some difficult clean ups when it comes to the snow and rain’s aftermath in your home. Here are some tips and tricks from a few home experts to transition your home out of the winter mess and into a manageable spring clean using our favorite No. 001 household cleaner.

Donna has been through it all living on a farm and having rambunctious kids, the winter can be a challenging time but once the cleaning is finished it is a rewarding welcome to spring. “My favorite part of using Cloth + Bristle is that it’s so versatile! I recently started adding it to my mop water. It does wonders for  the buildup of salt brought in on shoes from multiple winter storms” Donna shared. Donna tackles these post winter tasks immediately so that when spring rolls around she can focus on the bigger projects! Check out the C+B floor cleaning recipe below and try it on your floors:

  1. Remove all dust, dirt and debris with a dry mop, broom or hardwood floor vacuum.
  2. Wet the floors with an effective microfiber pad or mop. Dilute a quarter size amount of #001 to a bucket of warm water or a spray bottle. 
  3. Mop in the direction of the grain, repeat as needed! (Identify problem areas like tough stains or buildup on or between the floorboards apply a pea sized amount of product to resistant debere and stains).

*Always test in an inconspicuous area and consult the manufacturer! 

Livy, a Tennessee native doesn’t get much snow however this year they had a very unusual snowstorm. To prep for Spring she does a deep clean of her baseboards. “I like to start with a good dusting; using a wet rag and then #001 get the resistant areas!”. 

During the winter season in Florida, Kristen see’s a lot of rain. With little kids it can be easy to track in mud and dirt from shoes. “Using a quarter size amount of #001 on grout lines with a toothbrush or the Cloth & Bristle detail brush works perfect to get that mud out,” Kristin exclaimed. She also plans to use #001 to rid her glass of water stains this year!

Full time working Momma, Angel loves a clean home but knows it can be difficult to maintain! As #001 is safe to have around your pets and children she especially likes to use it in her laundry room that leads to an outside entrance. “I’ve not only used it on my tile but also to clean the wet and muddy hand prints off the inside and outside of the back door. Since I know it’s a safe product I feel comfortable using it where my kids and pets will be,” Angel told us. 

The No. 001 household cleaner can be for your deep clean or for a simple one. Our advice is to try it on your glass windows, everyone wants to have that fresh sunlight and it can often be blocked by the grime of winter! Another area of the home that could use some love is your fridge. The holiday season can a leave your home packed with food, take out all the compartments and give them a good scrub with #001. Be sure to share with us what you try out! The C+B team is excited to take on spring with you! 

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