Cleaning for Christmas

Christmas snuck up on all of us this year, and from gift shopping, to decorating and cleaning your home for the family gathering it can be difficult to find a time to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones. With the realization that Christmas will look different this year, C+B and a few others are here to help make that transition enjoyable and easier with cleaning guides, gifting suggestions and decor tips. 

Resa, a genius in home decor and DIY’s agrees that 2020 has been a wild ride. While she’ll be hosting a quiet Christmas brunch she still understands the importance of sanitizing her home before then. Her holiday cleaning checklist is as listed: 

-sweep and mop floors

-wipe down bathrooms and kitchens

-emptying and cleaning the fridge 

-washing sheets and blankets

-dusting and wiping all appliances

Her advice to take on these tasks is to try one every day, but you can make it fun, turn up the music and dedicate a whole day to cleaning if the motivation calls for it! She says she will definitely be completing this checklist using our all natural household cleaner NO. 001, we’re so happy you love it Resa!

Winter is also a time of increased germs/viruses and Donna, a homeowner with a passion for cleaning, believes it is important to disinfect your home to lessen their spread. In these times a clean home also offers comfort to her guests. Donna is actively keeping her home tidy; however, around the holidays uses her cleaning checklist as to not forget anything during this most hectic time of the year! A checklist is a great reminder to get things done and to stay on task. Donna's home has not one, but multiple themed Christmas trees, perfect to place her giftings under from Cloth & Bristle as well as a variety of other purchases from small businesses. Her go to holiday hack is to create an all natural Christmas scent: simmered cranberries, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, whole Allspice, whole cloves and fresh rosemary. A great alternative to chemical packed fragrances! 

Having two children with severe allergies and asthma home stylist Meg puts extra emphasis on keeping her environment clean. Having a clean environment coincides with taking care of your personal health, which is important in the holiday endeavors Meg and her family do yearly! "We visit the local nursing home to drop off gifts to residents that do not have a family of their own", she shared. Disinfect your home this year for you and others!

An enthusiast about everything home, Kelsey and her husband are looking forward to hosting on Christmas day. Not only during the holidays, but year round, Kelsey prioritizes keeping her home tidy and fresh. “Having a clean home gives you peace of mind and others as well”, Kelsey envisions her home for the holidays as a place where people enjoy their time and feel welcome. She separates her cleaning into simple daily tasks and then sets aside time for a deep clean taking advantage of the productivity of a cleaning checklist. To decorate for Christmas, Kelsey declutters her house to add in holiday decorations in order to keep a clean appearance. As her family has a fake tree she uses a pine candle to give the desired festive scent. Her home will not only be sparkling from disinfected surfaces, but as a big fan of lights Kelsey will be adding those in around the house for a glow of warmth and pops of color!

Growing up with a mother and grandmother who were passionate about keeping their living space clean and organized, Amanda does the same! “I always have had a list”, Amanda said to us. She designates certain tasks for each day to help create a schedule to stay on top of things. Her favorite holiday hack this year is that all her lights are controlled by a remote. No more timers, or phone alarms to plug and unplug your holiday lights! “It’s really easy and saves me a lot of time”, Amanda expressed.  She is also looking forward to gifting her purchases from small business, “ One of my favorite products has definitely been the peppermint cleaner from Cloth and Bristle! I was pleasantly surprised at the power that this bottle has. The scent is amazing and it makes my home smell incredible! I cannot wait to give this to friends and family! I know they are going to be as excited as I am about it”.  The C+B team is even more excited for them! 

Similar to Amanda, Cloth & Bristle’s founder April loves cleaning with NO. 001 around the holidays because it offers the natural holiday spice note to the senses. As we are finding new traditions this year it in turn allows us to truly cherish what we do have! April and her family will still get the opportunity to facetime Santa, decorate cookies, dress up and watch the Nutcracker. 

The Cloth & Bristle team is so excited to celebrate this holiday season with you and we hope to see our NO. 001 under your tree! 

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