Fall Decor For Your Home

What fall colors match best in your home when styling for fall? Find the color that represents your space, see below for a few helpful ideas!


If your home has shades of blue, match it with a color that pops. Adding even more blue among autumn colors such as orange, red and even corals blend together nicely. Try colored pumpkins or acorns! A homemade wreath incorporating these colors could also be brilliant! 

Andrea (above) added more blues among a few brighter oranges & reds giving a fall & warm ambiance. Janice (below) sprinkled in her blue fall decor with whites & cream to match autumn with her coastal home. 


Red, red, red! The browns of the wood blend flawlessly with reds, giving a cozy feel to the room. These colors offer interior fall colors similar to the foliage outdoors. A few red apples, gourds, pumpkins or colored leaves and blooms will do the trick! If you’re wanting a little more, style with plaid. A plaid dining room dishware set is not only a well matching decor addition, but also a fun new aspect to family dinners.

Whitney incorporated dark red leaves for her hardwood table's centerpiece.

Flashy Colors

If your home has a few flashy colors, don’t worry! Hang a muted and soft colored quilt on your wall to bring out the colors of the room in a softer way. It will also add an essence of warmth, and with the colder season on it’s way we know we’ll need that extra layer soon! A few twinkle lights could also make a wonderful addition, warm lighting is key. 


Pumpkins are always a wonderful addition when styling your home for fall. Style your entryway with deep orange pumpkins, if you’re feeling creative a few painted with gold tendrils is a simple stylish touch. In addition, have you ever thought of gourds? Sprinkle a few around your home against your white walls and furniture to add a chic, minimal look that also embodies the season.

Holly staged her lovely white home with subtle dark oranges.

Black/Dark Grays

If your home has darker colors such as black and deep grays, fresh blooms will be your best friend! Accent a coffee table or dining table with orange, red and cream flowers for the total sophisticated and autumn feel. Looking into October as well, your home couldn’t be more ideal for a little spooky add ons!

Tetje accented her black dresser with bright red flowers. 


Fall can also be a time for slowing down, so if you don’t fancy bright colors adding in neutrals can give a fall vibe. To bring out the earthiness of your green walls and furniture add brown touches. A few small decor items will go a long way in creating a warm and homey room. Cornhusks could be a great option, subtle against green tones but a definite mood! 

Lisa, who has spent 30 years in the design industry topped her green ottoman with other greens & neutral pumpkins. Along side pillows of browns and creams.

Neutral Colors

Swap out your summer colors with darker and warmer tone decor items. The darker the item, the more pop you’ll get with the soft existing tones in your home. Easy options could be a dark throw or rug. Try patterns for an extra oomph! For your kitchen, display your fall colored serving dishes and other dishware on exposed shelving.

Miriam styled her neutral entryway with a moody orange throw & foliage.


We promise pink can be for all seasons; think shabby chic. Muted pinks and warm lighting give a cozy autumn feel to your entire home. If you’re having trouble finding decor items, not only are white pumpkins an idea, but can bring out your crafty side, so do a few DIY decor items with pink paints. 

Chris loves pink, just like us! Pink pumpkins and pillows give a warm, cozy feeling to the room. 

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Beautiful tour of fall looks. Love all the different colors used in everyone’s home decor. 🍁🌸💖🍂🌻🧡

Chris February 17, 2022

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