A Creative Outlook On Decluttering

We can all agree that getting new items, whether it be buying new clothes or adding furniture, decor, appliances, knick knacks to your home is always fun. However, do you ever wonder when is it too much? Have you started to see clutter around the house?

A lot of questions pop into our heads at this simple thought.

When is it a good time to purge some of the old and invite in new? Are these items really used and are they needed?

Here are 5 helpful and creative ways to analyze and remove clutter:

View Your Home As A Guest

You often become used to every aspect of your home, as you are the one spending the most time in it. Try to visualize your space as if you are someone who has never seen it before. Document your initial reaction, and piece together what works in that space and what doesn’t. 

Before & After Photoshoot

Take a photo of a cluttered section in your home. Then, reorganize and purge items you don’t use anymore. Snap a second photo, and compare! Was this change a good one? You’ll be able to pinpoint if there is room for a new purchase or if it looks good the way it is.

1 A Day Rule

There are 365 days a year, donating and getting rid of one item a day will teach you and your brain to minimize. Your home will also have a lesser chance of piling up! Focus on what you need in that area versus what you want. 

Decluttering Day

We all have cleaning days and cleaning checklists but that doesn’t always mean you’re decluttering or removing unnecessary items. Pick a day to go through your closet and donate clothes you don’t wear anymore, toss the unused spices that are piling in your drawer, take inventory of your mudroom and pack up shoes that you won’t wear in that season. Schedule your decluttering!

Travelers Method

If you really struggle with throwing away unused items in your home or deciding if it’s worth it to keep, think about when you travel. You’re only allowed a certain amount of luggage, so what do you believe is necessary to have on your trip? To niche it down a bit, what is necessary to have in your living room, or your bedroom?

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