8 Clean Freak Accessories You Need in Your Home

If you’re a clean freak like us you know the importance of finding and using the correct cleaning accessories for each task. Every clean freak personality has essentials they use in their home and if you’ve ever been curious as to what they are, well we’ll let you in on a little secret; below the C+B team has listed 10 cleaning tools you need in your home to get the job done correctly.

    1. A good sponge

Have you ever gone to the store and been overwhelmed by the amount of sponge options there are?! The one you definitely need is always the classic, something with an abrasive side to tackle the grimy surface and a soft side to soak in the moisture and wipe away leftover debris. 

    2. Pot Brush

When washing your dishes it’s important to have a tool capable of getting the more difficult jobs off, such as oils, burnt bits and resistant foods. A pot brush is perfect for this and it doesn’t damage your dishes!

    3. Microfiber Cloths

Up your cleaning game with a few microfiber cloths! We use them for almost every cleaning job as they can work in various different ways whether be to clean with a soap or to use to buff. Our C+B Wipe Out Kit, Deluxe Bundle, and Bundle all include the microfiber cloths you absolutely need.

    4. Broom & Mop

Floor surfaces such as wood, cork, tile and linoleum will require a good clean. Always start with a broom for loose debris and a mop for the scrubbing. We even have a recipe with our No. 001 for your floor cleaning you can find on our socials!

    5. Scrub Brush

A scrub brush is always our go to on our tile, tubs, fixtures and any tough stains. Visit our accessories page on our website to find the C+B scrub brush with its long handle that allows you to be agile in your cleaning. 

    6. Squeegee

Lower the chance of mold and hard water stains on your glass shower enclosures by using a squeegee after your showers and baths. It is also great for large windows! However, we all know occasional hard water stains are inevitable; transfer your #001 into a spray bottle diluted with water to get rid of them!

    7. Vacuum

The obvious! You don’t need the fancy one, but find the one with brushless mode so you can also use it on your hardwood floors. A quick vacuum session can go a long way!

    8. Detail Brush

The C+B detail brush will become your best friend, cleaning all the hard to reach places on your fixtures and in between your tile. Pair it with No. 001 and every nook and cranny will be sparkling! 

If your idea of a fun afternoon is cleaning, you spend your free time cleaning, or you sometimes even have dreams about cleaning you’re definitely a clean freak! Comment which tool you will never let go of and why!

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