Cloth+Bristle's 2022 Gift Guide

Raise your hand if you’re excited for Black Friday Cyber Monday?! We know we are! It’s almost gift-giving season, so let’s start the prep!

Imagine this scene, *Christmas music playing throughout the house, cookies in the oven, twinkling lights and a soft hue around the perfect present under the tree*. The mood is set! If you’re wondering what the perfect C+B present would be for yourself, or someone special in your life check our gift guide below….

For The Dad

No. 001 Household Cleaner: Love at First Brush Kit

Which item is your spouse or Dad’s most treasured? His grill? His car? He’s actually going to experience love at first sight with this kit! Help him keep his favorite items clean with the No. 001 household cleaner and the C+ scrub brush, a great duo to take on the most resistant of jobs. Grease stains, build up, grime, mold and more! 

For Your Mom

Rule of Two Subscription Plan

You know what the best gift of all is? A gift that never stops giving! Take one less thing off your Mom’s to do list and purchase a subscription plan that is delivered without any additional steps. From one mom to another, we all know they deserve it!

For Your Sister

All The Things: Detail Kit

For your sis that’s just getting into makeup, an experienced make-up artist or just a fan of beauty this kit is a great addition for all routines. All The Things safely and effectively disinfects and cleans makeup tools and accessories such as: beauty blenders, face rollers/stones and brushes. In addition to your jewelry! Our products are made with non irritant ingredients and are gentle on the skin. Furthermore, All The Things contains essential oils such as rose and rosemary oil which are known to hydrate and moisturize the skin. The detail brush is great for cleaning crevices such as the one’s found on rings!

For Your Brother

No. 001 Household Cleaner: Lil Sis Kit

If there’s one thing your brother will keep clean it’s his sneakers. The lil sis kit comes with our mini size No. 001 household cleaner and our C+B detail brush. Great at removing mud, dirt, grime and stains. 

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