A New Year Means a New Cleaning Routine

Simplify Your Shopping Process

Entering a new year gives us a chance to change what isn't benefiting us. If shopping has become a hassle for you recently or your routine has gotten hectic, why not take a few steps out if the outcome is the same? A subscription eliminates the time spent in traffic and standing in long store lines. Simplify your weekly to-do list and make life easier by having your cleaning supplies arrive straight to you.

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Refresh Your Cleaning Playlist

Feeling unmotivated? Finding yourself in a cleaning rut? Music can give you the much needed mood boost and turn your cleaning time from dull to rejuvenating! 

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Out With The Old

The New Year is the perfect time to look around your home for cleaning items that have expired, or clothing that you never find yourself wearing. A good rule of thumb for decluttering your closet is if you haven't worn it more than 3 times this year, donate it! Read the expiration date on your household cleaners and be sure to stock up before you run out!

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Routine Is Key

Sit down with a pen and paper and think about what worked for you last year and what didn’t. Do your kids have a certain after school activity that doesn’t mesh well with laundry day? Mix it up! Schedule out small actionable things to clean each day that work best for your routine. Small actions can lead to big results. 

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Waste Not, Want Not

We’ve all done it…accidentally over portioned dinner and left ourselves with a fridge full of leftovers that never get eaten. A great way to manage a mess and avoid waste is to eliminate it before it even starts! Plan dinners ahead of time and only make exactly what you will eat. Less waste means less time spent cleaning up after. 

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