6 Scary Cleaning Mistakes You'll Want To Avoid

Is it Halloween or cleaning mistakes that are giving you nightmares?! Here are 6 common cleaning mistakes and why you’ll want to break these habits ASAP:

Mixing Products

Combining, adding and mixing products can turn dangerous quickly by producing toxic fumes. If you inhale or come in contact with these fumes it can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. Which could result in difficultly breathing and lung damage! 

Using Too Much Product

In many cases using too much product can be just as ineffective as using too little. Many traditional cleaners contain toxins, which in general are unsafe to use. But, overuse can cause serious health risks and cause residue build up on the surface. The residue will leave your surfaces feeling tacky and looking grimy. Be sure to read the directions on the label to use the product correctly. 

C+B Bonus: our product’s serving size to perform effectively is half of what traditional cleaners are!

Ignoring Product Directions

It is always important to read the directions on your cleaning products to ensure safe and effective use. More often than not, there is a best way to use it in order to achieve the right end result. Little things such as whether to apply directly onto the surface or a microfiber cloth, or if you need to rinse afterwards can make all the difference.

Not Researching Ingredients

Most traditional household cleaners contain toxins. A few common ones are: Bleach, Ammonia, Phthalates, Chlorine, Triclosan and 2-Butoxyethanol. When these toxins come in contact with the skin or are inhaled they run the risk of causing very serious health problems. 

Furthermore, natural doesn’t always MEAN natural! READ THE INGREDIENT LIST. Many green cleaners state they are natural but when you read the ingredient list you realize just how much they aren’t! If you need help distinguishing whether it is a product safe for you and your family download the app ThinkDirty,  where you can easily search ingredients within the app. 

C+B bonus: our products consist of 4-5 ethically and naturally sourced ingredients, click here to learn more about them!

Using Dirty Cleaning Tools

Your cleaning accessories put in the hard work too! Give them the attention and clean they deserve. Without proper cleaning your brushes, sponges and microfiber cloths can harbor thousands of bad bacteria. If you continue to use them without washing you will spread germs. If you want to have that sparkling home we suggest lightly cleaning your tools after each use with hot water and one of the C+B products. For a deep clean, every 2 weeks, soak your products in a mixture of hot water and No. 001 household cleaner. 

Relying on Bleach & Other Harsh Cleaners

We’ve said it for years, we’ll say it again: there are healthy alternatives to bleach that disinfect just as effectively! Bleach is toxic, corrosive and exposure to skin, eyes and lungs can cause irritation and burning. Switch to natural alternatives such as vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and lemons. 

C+B bonus: Cloth+Bristle’s cleaners have natural disinfectant and antibacterial properties in our rose, rosemary and cinnamon essential oils.

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Do any of your cleaning products work well with dust on furniture or table. Helping eliminate it for a couple of days ?

cecilia galvan October 06, 2023

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