Quick And Easy Tips To A Cleaner Home

Whether you have a professional cleaning service, or manage on your own. There is always the crucial “in between clean” state of your home. Essentially, as we all are challenged with keeping our homes spotless from one cleaning to the next. Here are some simple tried and true methods that are sure to help keep your home “unexpected guest” ready year round.

Regular tidying tips:

  1. Keep the larger pieces in your rooms free of dirt and clutter. For example desks and tables. This will give the illusion of a cleaner room. 

  1. Store an attractive basket in your most used areas, such as your family room to toss items in to avoid clutter and build up. Cove with a staled blanket of it doesn’t have a lid.

  1. Have a “clean” mentality, meaning every time you leave a room, take something with you that can be tossed, washed or put away. Encourage your family to help out, it's never too early; or late to teach them healthy cleaning habits!

  1. Keep an all purpose cleaner, and microfiber cloth in an easily accessible area on each floor of your home. Try to give heavily used surfaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom counters, a quick wipe down each day.

  1. Change the filters in your home regularly, this will greatly reduce the dust and dander build up on your homes surfaces. Leading to a less dusty home.

  1. Tackle small messes as they happen, don’t just leave things for cleaning day. A little at a time goes a long way!

  1. Go around each night with a basket and pick up anything laying around. Then take those items back to their homes. This practice takes about 15 minutes, and goes a long way in keeping your home nice and neat! 

Adopting and modifying these quick tips will ensure a tidier home between your regular cleanings. Comment below with your tricks to keeping your home tidy! We’d love to hear from you. 

Happy Cleaning!

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