C+B's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Transform yours and you loved ones home this winter into a holiday haven with our Curated 2023 Home Gift Guide. 

Home Gifts 

Indulge in comfort with cozy home gifts like plush throw blankets, soft oversized pillows, scented candles, warm knit blankets, fuzzy slippers, and non-toxic cleaners. Perfect for a snug and inviting atmosphere for anyone looking to relax and unwind at home. 

Cloth+Bristle’s Holiday Cleaning Kit It’s Timeee!

Gifting Cloth+Bristle Holiday cleaning kits is a unique and clean choice. ;) Plus you may even enjoy the clean up! This kit includes C+B’s All The Things cleaner and an Unrakd for C+B microfiber gingerbread cloth.  It's a thoughtful gift that combines functionality with a touch of seasonal spirit, promoting a clean and cozy home environment. Shop Here!


Cloth+Bristle’s Holiday Cleaning Kit Santa’s Helper

When our non toxic cleaner meets the holidays Santa’s Helper includes a festive pink microfiber cloth by Unrakd and Cloth+Bristle's new Lemon Kitchen Cleaner. It's a thoughtful way to help someone prep their home for celebrations, ensuring a clean and merry environment for the holidays. Shop Here!

Lamp Candle Warmer

For a warm ambiance that comes with functionality a Lamp Candle Warmer makes for a thoughtful gift. It not only provides a warm and inviting glow but also serves the practical purpose of melting scented candles, releasing their fragrance without an open flame. It's a safe and stylish way to bring to life your space. Shop Here!

Cloud Slides 

Cloud slides make a fantastic gift due to their comfort and style. With plush, cloud-like cushioning, they offer a luxurious and cozy experience for the feet. Whether for lounging at home or a quick errand, cloud slides provide a trendy and comfortable option. Shop our favorite ones here!

Stanley Tumbler

Everyone wants a Stanley tumbler! Known for keeping beverages hot or cold for extended periods, the Stanley tumbler is perfect for coffee on the go, outdoor adventures, or simply staying hydrated throughout the day. Coming in various designs and styles you'll find the 'just right' one for whoever is on your list this year.  Shop Here!!

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