12 days of CB Cleaning Part 2

Christmas is here! Happy holidays to you all! Today is a day to spend time with your loved ones, enjoying each other’s company. May you fill your bellies with good treats and unwrap all the best gifts (did you ask for C+B this year?). While you’re cozied up on the couch in between festivities or waiting for family to arrive, take some time to read our final favorite 12 days CB Cleaning.

Final Touches

Quick! Your guests arrive in 15 minutes. Here are some last minute holiday hacks you can do in a short time:

  • Place a dry boot tray near door to collect guests’ wet shoes⁠
  • Make room in the fridge for guests’ dishes⁠
  • Hang fresh dish towels⁠
  • Close the shower curtain!⁠
  • Load up a basket with anything that shouldn't be out⁠
  • Fluff the pillows⁠
  • Put on holiday music 

Shine Your Cookie Sheet

From all the holiday baking your cookie sheet may not be looking its best & if the dish soap just doesn't seem to be working this is the recipe you're looking for!⁠

  • You'll need your No. 001, white vinegar & cream of tartar ⁠
  1. Dust an even layer of tartar over the sheet, squeeze an evenly distributed amount of No. 001 & lightly spray your vinegar to give it some moisture⁠
  2. Allow it to dry & let sit over night, or for 8 hours⁠
  3. Take a sponge and some hot water to clean the baking sheet thoroughly, rinse with warm water & check out your results!⁠
  • If there are resistant areas-use a pot brush! However, if you have a non stick sheet stick to your gentler sponge.⁠

When next year rolls around, your baking sheet will be in tip top shape for all of Santa’s cookies. 

A Clean Comfy Family Room

Our favorite tips to make your living space the coziest for all the present opening.

  • A good vacuum! Sprinkle the carpet with a bit of baking soda before vacuuming to bring your carpet back to life. ⁠
  • Give your coffee and side tables a clean with No. 001!⁠
  • Light your favorite holiday candles!⁠
  • Get rid of pet hair by putting on a damp rubber glove and running it over the couches and lounge chairs.
  • Keep some cozy blankets in a hamper next to the couch.
  • Grab a large bag to put discarded wrapping paper and gift boxes in

P.S. you could actually do some of these YEAR round! ;)

Pine Needle Clean Up

When Christmas passes and it’s time to take down the tree, you’re going to be seeing lots of pine needles!

Here is the most effective way to clean them all up:⁠

  1. Always try a broom first, then vacuum! Needles often have sap on them which can ruin a vacuum⁠
  2. For the resistant ones, your trusty duct tape will do the trick or an oversized lint roller⁠
  • Bonus Pro Tip: ⁠If you find sap on your floors try a bit of No. 001 & vinegar mixed together 

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