12 Days Of CB Cleaning Part 1

We’ve got your back with all the holiday hacks, tips, tricks, guides,  gifts, recipes and MORE this holiday season! 

We're halfway through 12 days of CB Cleaning and here are a few we’ve highlighted so far… 

C+B Gift Guide

  • DIYers and home renovators are tackling big projects. Which can also result in a bigger clean up. We suggest the No. 001, our patent pending product, which we like to say is for the toughest and resistant jobs. Pair our No. 001 with the CB scrub brush, also meant for heavier cleaning and you’ve got the perfect gift! Both of these products are included in: CB Kit: love at first brush & the deluxe bundle. Or sold separately!
  • For someone who regularly cleans All The Things will be their new favorite product. Daily use in all areas of your home. 
  • A perfectionist! Not always a bad thing when it comes to cleaning. The CB detail kit comes with our No. 001 household cleaner (has never let us down), along with a detail brush for all the hard to reach places. Every nook and cranny will be cleaned with this kit! For someone who pays attention to details, they’ll love you with this gift!
  • If they’re not into cleaning, All The Things could very well change their mind. It is a versatile product that works for surface cleaning and window/mirror cleaning, you won’t overwhelm them with various products, just one! Not to mention easy use with the spray nozzle.
  • The gift that just keeps giving! Our subscribe and save plans will do just that! An assortment of cleaning presents showing up to your loved ones front door months after the holidays (& thinking ahead for spring cleaning!). 
  • Can’t decide? Let them choose! A CB gift card makes it easier for you, and let’s them find what’s ideal for their needs. 

Bathtub Cleaning

  1. Fill a bucket of hot water and pour the water all over the tub.
  2. Sprinkle some baking soda on all tub surfaces
  3. Then, fill your bucket half full with hot water and squeeze in 3 quarter size amounts of No. 001
  4. Dip your sponge in the mixture, and get to scrubbing! Repeat where needed. Let mixture rest before scrubbing on resistant areas.
  5. Once finished, drain and rinse the tub with fresh clean water.
  6. An extra step to finish, take a microfiber cloth to polish the faucet, drain, and handles.

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

  1. Wet your microfiber cloth with warm to hot water.
  2. Apply a pea to dime size amount of product onto the material. This step is important, as applying straight onto the wood may saturate it. 
  3. Wipe the cabinets from high to low, applying some of our product to a detail brush will help you get all the crevices.
  4. Follow with a damp watered cloth to remove any residue.
  5. Wipe dry after cleansing & let dry!

Window Cleaning

  1. Choose a cloudy day, where smudges are visible. To start, sweep off any dust.
  2. Spray a few dime size amounts of All The Things onto the windows.
  3. Take your microfiber cloth (very absorbent and will leave glass streak free) and wipe one side of the window horizontally and the other vertically.

Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

  • Fabric gift bags/homemade draw string bags: all you need is a piece of square fabric and a ribbon!
  • Tea/dish towel, for a personal touch find a printed towel from their favorite travel destination
  • Tin Container
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Laundry hamper for the big items
  • Hat Box

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