Prepping your home for Thanksgiving using NO. 001

As Thanksgiving is right around the corner the C+B team wanted to share with you ways to safely prep your home and incorporate the use of NO. 001 in doing so! We have some tips from mothers, interior design enthusiasts and people in the healthcare field in order to prepare you for success in the prep for your holiday gathering. 

A nurse with a passion for everything home Jaymae takes extra care in disinfecting all surfaces in her home using NO. 001. As we all plan to fill our bellies with delicious food Jaymae believes that is why NO. 001 is so great, “all natural ingredients are much more preferred on food preparation surfaces”. Thanksgiving is a new tradition for Jaymae as she arrived in the U.S in 2016 but celebrates it enthusiastically each year. “We are safely hosting a few friends this year and we’re looking forward to a nice day of reflecting on our blessings,”. 

Amanda, a relatively new homeowner, is looking forward to hosting an intimate dinner with her close friends and family. As she has an older mother and a sister pregnant with twins they will be very cautious in preparing a safe environment with a deep clean, adequate hand sanitizer, masks and a thermometer. “We are a healthcare family and that unfortunately has never allowed us to let our guard down. We are vigilant about doing everything we can to break the infection cycle in our home and out in the world,” Amanda voices. She wants to not only continue to protect her family but feels a responsibility to protect patients, “being smart about how we celebrate is also to honor them”. She plans to use NO. 001 in their kitchen, powder room and laundry room. “I love that it has natural anti infective properties, and because I clean so frequently, I hesitate to use other caustic/abrasive cleaners”. Having two asthmatics in her family they are highly affected by fragrant, chemical cleaners which makes NO. 001 an ideal fit as there are no toxins. Amanda’s tip for sanitizing is to make it a habit and a priority by giving her family members each a job to do daily, “using non toxic products like NO. 001 makes me feel great about inviting my kids to be a part of our sanitizing routine!”

A dog momma with a passion for cleaning Kaeli realizes Thanksgiving looks very different this year, however that doesn’t mean it will be any less exciting.  They’ll be celebrating at home making their favorite foods and spending time with their close family circle. She’s also using this quarantine time to begin her spring clean early. “I’ve become more adamant at making sure things are cleaned in our home, so I’ve been using NO. 001 for my daily cleaning,” Kaeli shares. Being proactive, especially with cleaning is never a bad thing!  She has been using NO. 001 frequently for all her high contact surfaces, “I love that I can use such a small amount and still get that deep clean I am looking for”. She has even been able to get stubborn spots off of her dishes which she will use for hosting this Thanksgiving! “It brings me peace of mind knowing that I’m not only protecting us by using NO. 001, but using a product that is safe for our environment too”. 

Ash, a home decor specialist and someone who is truly passionate about health and wellness prioritizes all the extra precautions to ensure a safe yet fun gathering. She will be hosting indoors and outdoors to allow for additional social distancing of high risk family members and keeping all surfaces sanitized with NO. 001 to promote a safe environment.  “NO. 001 smells so light and fresh! I plan to use it on my kitchen and bathroom counters as well as our outdoor dining tables,”. As we all want to enjoy the time with our family,  Ash made a wonderful point on how important sanitizing is as it helps stop the spread of disease and allows us to focus on our event versus germs! 

A lover of a clean home, Jill will be hosting a small gathering with her immediate family; dirt and germs won’t be attending Thanksgiving! She finds relief in the fact that her surfaces will be clean for her guests because of NO. 001, “it’s not only going to give a deep clean but it will also provide an amazing clean scent with a sparkling finish” Jill told us. “Plus the smell reminds me of fall, perfect for this holiday season”. As a nurse Jill realizes that outside dirt and grime can accumulate in our homes, and while she believes some germs can strengthen our immune system a good weekly clean has always worked for them in the past to get the job done. She is a fan favorite of all natural products often using simple ingredients like vinegar and rubbing alcohol to kill most viruses, however when it calls for a tougher job she grabs her NO. 001!


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that there is to be grateful for and to spend time with your loved ones.  The C+B team empathizes with the struggles our world is facing in being able to have a safe gathering and as an all natural cleaning line we want to make that as easy as possible! We are sending you endless amounts of support in your preparations. Happy almost Thanksgiving! 



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