ALL NATURAL for Earth Month

Natural products are not only safe for our world but safe for us as well! In honor of Earth Month the C+B team wants to shed light on why natural products are the better option and provide resources for you to educate yourself on making the wisest healthy purchases.


As we are in the midst of spring cleaning it’s important that we avoid harsh chemicals and toxins that are in many of the household cleaning products we used to clean our homes. Below we’ve listed several cleaning products you should try to avoid and why.


-Chlorine, made up of the halogen family, that affects our thyroid gland, is the main ingredient of bleach. When we are exposed to this chemical frequently it can cause thyroid disease! 

Try Instead: Natural Cleaners-the fewer ingredients the better. For a DIY option, try a baking soda paste or vinegar. 

    Air Fresheners

Most products that are labeled with the word ‘fragrances’ are packed with toxic compounds. Some of these ingredients such as phthalates and PEG compounds have been linked to things as severe as cancer and birth defects. 

Try Instead: Essential Oils

    Oven Cleaner

When dealing with areas of your home that food is present, the last thing you want is something that has harmful chemicals in it! However, many oven cleaners have ingredients such as sodium hydroxide and butoxydiglycol that with high exposure can damage skin and lead to respiratory issues. 

Try Instead: Plant based cleaner! Especially where your food is concerned it is important to use products that are made from the Earth.

    Cleaning Wipes

We understand the convenience, but can promise it’s not worth it! Not only can the chemicals in the product be harmful, but also wipes are not biodegradable meaning every wipe will end up in a landfill. 

Try Instead: Rags or microfiber cloth with natural cleaner!

Although we’ve listed some products you should steer clear from, unfortunately there are many more! Use the two resources below to help in educating yourself and others when making purchases in your products and finding ones that are safe.

    Think Dirty App

This app on your mobile device will allow you to enter any product and it will provide you a rating on just how safe it truly is, along with the ingredient list and even an alternative option!

    EWG Healthy Living App

Scan the product right there in the store to see if it’s a safe option and if it isn’t, this app provides similar alternatives with safer ingredients.

In addition, visit the link to EWG’s (environmental working group) healthy cleaning guide to provide you with everything you need to succeed in having a successful safe spring clean clean.

Cloth + Bristle’s mission is to create natural cleaning products that work effectively. Let us share why the ingredients were chosen by our founder, April Sargies, and why they work and are also safe for us and the environment!

Rosemary Essential Oil

A natural preservative derived from the aromatic herb itself. It not only allows the shelf life of our product to be longer but simultaneously offers a festive scent as well! It is even said that rosemary essential oil helps with headaches, so you won’t be having any when using #001!

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Also a natural preservative, but fights and suppresses bacterial organisms. Cinnamon itself can be a remedy that you add to your leftover foods to have them last longer! 


It comes from mother earth itself, when it is hydrated it acts like a sponge to soak up all the toxins on the surface. Then in turn, replenishes the surface with its minerals. Perfect for your sensitive surfaces such as quartz and granite!

Xanthan Gum

Derived from a healthy bacteria and is often put into our foods as a way to keep them stabilized. Similar to how it works in #001, it keeps the ingredients from separating. We haven’t tasted #001, but you safely could! ;)


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